Best Low Cost Blenders, Grinders and Juicers

Blenders play an important role in not only mixing fruits but also grinding and slicing. Blenders come in different sizes and functionalities, there are different types of blenders designed to carry different functions. Some blenders are designed to carry out as much as  5 tasks  i.e they are multipurpose. They can blend, grind, mince meat, […]

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Best Low Cost Water Purifiers and Dispensers

Best Low Cost Water Dispensers and Purifiers

Limited Time Offer: NUNIX WATER 20L PURIFIER Nunix Water Purifier with Dispensing tap – 20 Litres – White   RAMTON HOT AND NORMAL WATER DISPENSER  Ramtons RM/429 – Hot & Normal Water Dispenser + Stand – White Drinking water has to be safe from disease causing micro-organisms and other solid particles that may be present in […]

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Best Low Cost Electric Kettles

Best Low Priced Electric Kettles

Limited Time Offer Rashni and Ramton Kettles Electric Kettles are particularly important when it come to boiling water. Since the heater is inserted inside the water, there is reduced heat wastage unlike in the case of using electric or gas cookers. Here is what to look for when shopping for an ideal electric kettle. Kettle […]

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X Tigi V15, 5.0", 16GB + 1GB (Dual SIM) - Gold

Best Low Priced Smart Phones under Kshs. 3,999

Best smartphones are not always expensive. with the current fast changing technologies, prices of most smartphones have drastically reduced thanks to technological advancement that produces better and cheaper tech products. It is always a good idea to do a quick feature and price comparison between different products before making a purchase. Sometimes , you may […]

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