Best Low Cost Baby and Toddler Toys

Best Low Cost Baby and Toddler Toys

Does your baby cry for your phone whenever you try using it in his/her presence? If so it is time to buy your baby some nice toys and train him to make use of the toys. Many people complain that their phones got damaged when the baby threw it down or worse still, the baby took your phone and immersed it in dirty water and it ‘died’ Don’t wait for that to happen, get low cost toys that keep your baby busy while you mind other business.

There are many toys in the market. Choosing the best toy that meets the interest of your baby may just be another tough to make decision. Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right toy for your baby:

  1. Interest of the baby- Try to find out what the interest of the baby is; this way, you will be able to gift the baby a toy that he/she will appreciate most hence spend more time with. In most cases, this are items they get excited about when they see them in reality for example vehicles, phones and tablets,books, kitchen items e.t.c.
  2. Safety of Toys- Toys must be safe to handle and preferably be large in size with large part. This is to prevent possibility of the baby swallowing such items or their part in event the toy parts just got dismantled. Plastic Toys are nice but check out for soft plastic that which do not produce sharp edges that can injure the baby whenever it breaks.
  3. The Cost- You need to buy toys that do not have to damage your pocket adversely. it is in fact better to buy a low cost toy and then upgrade it with time because baby’s interest change with time as they grow.

If you are looking out to buy baby toys, we have selected a few low cost baby toys that most babies and toddlers get excited about

  1. Talking Tom Smart Tourch Tablet- Kshs 599 from Jumia

    Generic Talking Tom Smart Touch Tablet,medium