Best Low Cost Baby Diapers

Best Low Cost Baby Diapers

Diapers are a must have if you have a baby and do not wish to be in trouble with him/her whenever the baby answers to the call of nature. Whether it is a disposable diapers or re- usable ones, good diapers must be safe to the kid and make the baby feel comfortable. this starts by using a diaper of appropriate size to the baby and the technology used in making the diaper should be able to accommodate the urine and feces from the baby for a long time while keeping the skin of the baby dry.

Whilst diapers available in the market comes with different specifications and prices, There are many low cost diapers ideal to anyone who needs to spend less for great value. The key factor to look out for being absorbance. When absorbency is good, there are no chances of leakages after all a leaking diaper is the worst anyone can expect. Usually, there are absorbent polymer placed in the core of the diaper to enable it absorb as much moisture as possible. This makes the skin of the baby dry and minimizes chances of the baby having diaper rush which is caused by long baby skin exposure to wetness.

A wetness indicator is helpful to enable the caregiver to tell when it is time to either change the diaper all remove it. it is made of a material that changes color when exposed to wetness.

We recommend the following diaper brand as the best low cost diapers . You do not have to spend everything to have the best diapers, these low cost diaper are ideal and serves fine.


Best Priced Washable Re- usable diapers 

Kshs. 560 Buy Now From Jumia

Generic Washable Reusable Adjustable Baby Diaper with 3 Inserts

Key Features
  • Adjustable height and waist size
  • Washable and reusable
  • Unisex and varied colours
  • Elastic legs and waist keep in messes
  • Durable TPU outer layer prevents leak
  • Has 3 inserts

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Best Low Priced Disposable Diapers

Kshs. 780 Buy Now From Jumia

Softcare Gold Baby Diapers, S, 48 Count 3-6KG


Key Features:
  •          Type: Diapers/Nappies
  •          Model: Softcare
  •          Gender: Unisex
  •          Weight: 9.1-15 Kgs
  •          Anti-Leak: Leg Cuff & Leak Guard
  •          Absorption: Soft Breathable

Kshs. 780 Buy Now From Jumia  More Low priced Disposable Diapers