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When thinking of buying a gas cooker, safety and reliability are key factors to consider when selecting the best cooker to buy. From the surface, many products will be seen okay but taking a closer look of specific safety features, you will note a large difference.

First safety feature to look for in a cooker is the material used to make the cooker, Thick high strength stainless steel  is mostly ideal to withstand hot fire for a long time. Some cookers are made of stainless steel yes but very thin hence with time, they wear out very fast.

The second feature to look for is the child lock feature in the cooker. We all know how crafty some of our children can be as they grow up. Certainly, at some stage they develop huge curiosity of wanting to light the fire and play with it not knowing the danger they pose unto themselves and the place they live in. Child lock feature prevents the child from easily lighting up the gas hence saving you from the risk associated with fire operated by a child who is trying his skills.

Other features to look out for in a gas cooker though not safety features are: Non Stick cooker Surface to ensure dirt do not stick easily on the surface of the cooker this is particular helpful when it comes to cleaning; Auto Ignition feature– this is helpful when it comes to lighting up your cooker; it enables you to light up the cooker without using matchboxes

Lastly, as you buy your cooker, don’t forget to buy cookers that are protected by warranty. This is helpful just in case you land on faulty product resulting from the manufacturer’s part.  with a product warranty, you can have you faulty product replaced at no extra cost. The warranty period should be long enough to enable you tell or detect any malfunction of the product. usually warranty of at least six months is ideal however, the longer the warranty period the better.

Based on above criterion, we recommend the following as the best low cost gas cookers  ideal for most family kitchens

Best Low Cost Table Top Gas Cooker

UKA Stainless Steel Table Top Double Burner Gas Stove -LG-KA1920 - Sliver

UKA Stainless Steel Table Top Double Burner Gas Stove -LG-KA1920 – Sliver

Kshs 1,999 Buy Now From Jumia More Table Top Gas/Electric Cookers


Leadder Gas Cooker Table Top

Kshs. 3,250 Buy Now From Jumia     More Table Top Gas/Electric Cookers

Esmaltec Agate 4 Burner Cooker – White

Esmaltec Agate 4 Burner Cooker - White

Esmaltec Agate 4 Burner Cooker – White

Kshs 13, 494 Buy Now From Jumia


Bruhm BGC MT2S – 2 burner gas cooker

Kshs. 2,595 Buy Now From Jumia  More Table Top Gas/Electric Cookers

Key Features
  • 2 Gas burner
  • Suitable for LPG Gas
  • Blue flame with high efficiency
  • Enamel coated non stick surface
  • Auto ignition
  • Safety and reliable

For faster cooking without compromising on safety, Bruhm BGC MT2S  is the cooker to buy. It is low cost compared to other similar products of its type, durable and long lasting.

Kshs. 2,595 Buy Now From Jumia     Compare Prices

Best Low Cost Table Top Electric Cooker/Hot plates

Generic Double HotPlate

Smart Cooker - Single Plate Induction Cooker.

Kshs 989 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  •  Fixed element
  • Indicator light
  • Non-slip feet
  • Sufficient access to clean the drip tray Ideal for home use, camping, travel and student dormitory rooms
  • For domestic use only

Generic Hot plates are low cost yet effective. So if you are looking for a low cost hotplate that is easy to clean, durable, long lasting and comes with a one year warranty, then check out for the Generic Electric cookers

Kshs. 1,918 Buy Now From Jumia  Compare Prices


Best Low Cost Free Stand Gas Cooker

Bruhm BGC 5040NW – 4 Gas – 50cm x 55cm – Free Standing Cooker

Bruhm BGC 5040NW

Kshs. 17,994 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • Auto ignition
  • Gas Grill Oven
  • Double glass oven door
  • Tray and Grid

Bruhm BGC 5040 is  low cost free stand gas cooker. It has four cookers with  an oven for baking and such like. The cookers have auto ignition feature such that you only need to turn them on and you are ready to start your cooking.  You do not need a matchstick to start the flame. The oven is large enough to accommodate all your baking needs of the whole family. Buy this product and get value for your money. The product also comes with a full one year warranty.

Kshs. 17,994 Buy Now From Jumia  Compare Prices


Free stand Gas/ Electric Cookers With Ovens

If you need a hybrid cooker i.e a combination of gas cooker and electric cooker on the same appliance, then Bruhm 5031 NX is the best low cost cooker to check out for. This cooker has three gas cookers and one electric hot plate. This enables you to have a choice between using a gas and electricity. It is the best option to have just in case you run out of your gas supply midway your cooking, then you can quickly switch to electric cooker hence you wont have to worry in event you are caught up. Similarly, if you were using electricity and then it happens that the usual power blackout occurs somewhere at the middle of your cooking, you will easily switch to gas cooker.


ARMCO GC-F5531PX(W) – 3 Gas and 1 Electric Oven + Grill


Key Features
  • 3 Gas + 1Electric
  • Static Electric Oven/Grill 50X50
  • Button ignition
  • Thermostat
  • Lamp
  • Metal Lid

For many years, Armco products are well known for their uncompromising quality standards and you can be rest assured that when you buy ARMCO GC-F5531PX(W) – 3 Gas and 1 Electric Oven + Grill, you have a product that will not only last long but also give you the satisfaction you expected. This product has an electric oven for all your baking needs  and comes with grill for roasting that meat or any other food that can be roasted. Its price is also much lower compared most similar products that have comparable features.

Kshs. 19,795 Buy Now From Jumia



Bruhm BGC 5031NX – 50X55 – 3 Gas + 1 Hotplate – Gas Oven and Grill


Bruhm BGC 5031NX – 50X55 – 3 Gas + 1 Hotplate

Kshs. 22,990 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • Has an Electric grill.
  • Gas Oven
  • Auto ignition
  • Tray & Grid.
  • Double Glass Oven Door.

Kshs. 22,990 Buy Now From Jumia   Compare Prices


Ovens and Toasters

Whether you want to bake or toast something for the family, you will always find some low priced quality ovens and toasters for that job. Here is a collection of low priced toasters and Ovens


ELEKTA 43L Electric Oven with Rotisserie – Metallic

Kshs. 11,300 Buy Now From Jumia

RAMTONS RM/483 – Oven Toaster – White

Kshs. 7,190 Buy Now From Jumia

More Ovens & Toasters