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Refrigerators provides means of storing perishable products for longer period. When buying a fridge, factors like the required fridge size, cost and fridge efficiency have to be taken into consideration.  after acquiring the fridge, the cost of running the fridge doesn’t have to exceed the cost of stuffs in the fridge otherwise it would be quite uneconomical to use that fridge. A good fridge should have a low operating and maintenance cost if any otherwise connecting it to power and regular cleaning should be enough to keep your fridge running. Here below, we highlight some few points to consider while choosing a fridge.

  1. Size and design of the fridge- On choosing the size and design of the fridge, it is important to look at the overall space available in the kitchen. If there is limited space available, then double door fridge is ideal but if space is not an issue, then single door would be most ideal since they are usually slightly cheaper than similar double door fridge of the same size.
  2. Power Consumption- Most obviously, we would all prefer to have a fridge that consume little energy so as to keep the running cost as low as possible. You don’t have to spend your fortune paying unnecessary power bills resulting from using inefficient fridge instead we recommend using fridges that uses modern technologies that are energy efficient.
  3. The cost- at last you need to get a fridge which is within your pocket friendly range.As you shop around, you can find some really great fridge features for less by switching through different manufacturers.

We have researched on various fridge features  verses their cost and here recommend the following  fridges for their great features at their cost.

Armco ARF-D220(DS) 162L RefrigeratorArmco ARF-D220(DS) 162L Refrigerator

Armco ARF-D220(DS) 162L Refrigerator

Kshs 26,995 Buy Now From Jumia

  • Dry Vegetable Box
  • 162L
  • Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Ice Tray
  • Big Ice Box
  • Hands Free Design
  • Vegetable Crisper
  • Integrative Fresh Room and Defrosting Tray

The Armco ARF D220 is low priced for its size. It has external coolers to increase the inner space. The space capacity of 162 litres provides sufficient space to store lot of of your stuff without having to worry about space.

The fridge uses low power and is extremely power efficient, with interior lighting to enable you to have a clear view of everything in the fridge.

We recommend this fridge to enyone who wants a large capacity fridge for less.

Kshs 26,995 Buy Now From Jumia   Compare Prices



When space is an issue, a double door fridge becomes an option. Also smaller sized fridge should be considered depending on your needs. If you looking for one such fridge that will fit into your kitchen, here is the best low cost double door fridge.

Mika MRDCD70SBR – Refrigerator, Double Door – Silver

MIKA MRDCD70SBR – Refrigerator, Double Door, 7 cu.ft, 108 Litres – Silver

Kshs. 25,995 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • 7 cu.ft
  • Double-Door
  • Interior lighting
  • Quick Freezing
  • Lock and key.
  • Outside condenser


Mika MRDCD70SBR is small sized 7 cubic feets with a capacity of 108 litres . It is ideal for kitchens where space is an issue since its double door can help in accessing the fridge interior easily without having to displace everything. It has interior lighting and quick freezing feature. It is also power efficient fridge. Check it out or compare it to other similar fridges.


Kshs. 25,995 Buy Now From Jumia   Compare Prices

Bruhm BFV-300SD

Bruhm BFV-300SD - Beverage Cooler - 10.8Cu.Ft - 280 Litres - Grey

Kshs. 46,496 Buy Now From Jumia

Bruhm BFV-300SD – Beverage Cooler – 10.8Cu.Ft – 280 Litres – Grey

For those who love glass door fridges, Bruhm BFV-300SD is for you. it is large with a clear single glass door. It is ideal for business since it  easily displays your products e.g beverages to your customers. Its features are:

  • Key Features:
  • Has Internal light
  • Single Door
  • Adjustable Layers for Flexible Storage
  • Advanced Compressor and Fan Motor Door
  • Lock and Key

Kshs. 46,496 Buy Now From Jumia    More Fridges with Glass Doors


If you are looking for fridges under 20K, you may consider smaller sized fridges, usually under a capacity of  120 litres. There are also coolers and freezers which do well when it comes to keeping cool and can be well under 10k. Your choice depends on your needs  for instance, if you intend to use your fridge for a smaller family size, no need to spend a lot of money buying an expensive large volume sized fridge which will even cost more in its running and maintenance cost. In that case, it would be ideal to go for a smaller sized fridge which often spend less energy and even maintenance cost is low

Here-below is a selection of best low priced fridges under 20K.

ARMCO ARF-S127W – Single Door Refrigerator

ARMCO ARF-S127W – Single Door Refrigerator – 5Cu.Ft – 92L – White

Kshs. 16,495 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • Portable size
  • Power cut Ever cool: upto 9 Hours
  • Fast Ice Making
  • Exquisite, elegant finish
  • Toughened Glass Shelves

Made by state of art technologies, it is designed to give desired cooling experience with convenient. The fridge is energy efficient with power input of 80W (similar to that of some TV ) and lighting power rated at 10W, The shelves are made of toughened wires which can hold up-to 175kgs weight without breaking. With an easy to clean removable gasket shelves, you will not be troubled with accumulated dust or a solid particles trapped in door seals. We recommend this fridge for its price, performance and out of user rating which averages 5.0/5.0. The fridge also comes with 3 years warranty which perhaps is the longest warranty by any manufacturer on related items in the market.

Kshs. 16,495 Buy Now From Jumia 

Bruhm BRS 95x – Single Door Refrigerator

Bruhm BRS 95x – Single Door Refrigerator – 4Cu.Ft – 95 Litres – Silver

Kshs. 17,900 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features:
  • Gross Capacity – 4 Cu. Ft.
  • Single Door
  • Low Noise
  • Stylish Design
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Lock & Key

This Fridge is low priced, energy efficient and of very low noise. It’s user rating averages at 4.1/5.0 an indication that it fulfills the expectation of its buyers. We recommend it for its low price excellent user experience and its low power consumption.

Kshs. 17,900 Buy Now From Jumia  Compare Prices

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