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Mika Top Load 6Kg Washer Machine

Mika MWSTS2106 - Top Load Washing Machine - Semi-Automatic - Single Tub - 6Kg - White & Grey

Mika MWSTS2106 – Top Load Washing Machine – Semi-Automatic – Single Tub – 6Kg – White & Grey

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The process of doing laundry work can be quit tiresome especially at this time and age when everyone is very busy doing what matters most to him or her. Thanks to technology, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. We have many low cost washing machines which will do the work of laundry in a matter of few minutes.

When choosing to buy a washing machine, there are some features you should check out for. some of them include:

  • Detergent Load- Some washing machines require detergent load every time you load your cloths into it, there are other machines that have intelligent detergent load system that will allow you to put enough detergent at once and automatically regulate its use. this saves you the stress of having to figure out how much detergent could be remaining or is required.
  • Dryer efficiency– Some washer comes with inbuilt dryers while others lack this feature. If you are a kind of person who would want to clean and dry your cloth immediately, then you need to check out for a washing machine with dryer efficiency.
  • The load capacity- Load capacity of washing machines differ from one machine to another. depending on your intended use, you may need a machine with more or less load capacity. for example, if you intend to use the machine for a dry cleaning business, you may need the one with more load capacity. but if you intend to use the machine only for home use, then you may opt for one with low load capacity because they tend to be a bit cheaper.
  • Power Consumption- No one needs an appliance that leaves behind large power bills after being used. Efficient washing machines have power efficient systems and utilizes less power to deliver nice results. you may need to check for the power rating of the machine. the lower the better.
  • The Cost– Washing machines have not to be very expensive, checkout for those machines which are on offer or have discounted prices.

Based on these factors, here are the best low cost washing machines we recommend.


1. MIKA MWM12107 – Washing Machine

Mika MWM12107 – Washing Machine, Semi-Automatic, 7Kg, White

Kshs. 17,995 Buy Now From Jumia

This is a semi automatic washing machine with a capacity of 7kgs load capacity with a spin dry capacity of 5.5 kgs. It is relatively smaller with measurements of 755mm x545mm x 845mm hence can easily fit into your laundry room. We recommend this product for its low power consumption of 530W which is way lower than most similar washing machines. Its price too is relatively lower compared to other washing machines with similar performance.

Kshs. 17,995 Buy Now From Jumia   More semi Auto Washing Machines

RAMTONS RW/145-Front Load Fully Automatic 6Kg Washer 1200 RPM


Kshs. 39,999 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • Front load
  • Wash Capacity: 6Kg
  • Fully Automatic
  • Spin Speed: 1400 RPM
  • Spin drying efficiency
  • Silver

This is a fully automated washing machine, capable of handling 6kgs of clothes per load. It fast wash the clothes  and spin dry them. It has high efficiency hence relatively uses less power for the work than most similar washing machine. We recommend you get this machine if you need your laundry process to be to be nothing to worry about.

Kshs. 39,999 Buy Now From Jumia   More Fully Auto Washing Machines

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Low priced semi-automatic washing machines

Kshs. 12,995 Buy Now From Jumia More Semi Auto Washing Machines

Low priced fully automatic washing machines

 Kshs. 12,995 Buy Now From Jumia More Fully Auto Washing Machines


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TAGWOOD Tagwood Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

TAGWOOD Tagwood Semi-Automatic Washing Machine    More Dry Cleaners and Washers

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