Best Low Cost Webhost For Boosting Small Businesses.

Give your a business an online web presence and boost your sales. If you have a business and you are not harnessing the power of the internet, then you may just be loosing out to your competitors. Many people spend a lot of time online mostly on the social media and other places. You can engage these group of people by having an online web presence. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is; as long as it is a business that requires a customer, your can always connect with your potential customers online. To do this, you need a website hosted by a reliable web host service provider. In your website, describe the type of goods or services that you offer and then share out your web address to your existing and potential customers.  You can also place your web address on strategic locations e.g at your shop front, email signatures, whatsapp groups, your social media groups and on all your other marketing channels like adverts and business cards and so on.

For example if you have a small saloon or food kiosk, you can make a website and on it, display different hair styles that you do at your saloon or display different meals that you sell at your food kiosk. Invite your social media followers to your business for service by placing your business contacts on your website. Simply target clients that your business serves that way you will increase your customer base hence growing your business.

What happens is that, some people will actually come to your shop to buy specific goods or services that you described in your website, you can also place call or message options in your site pages that will allow your site visitors to directly contact you to inquire or place orders. When such a customer visits your shop, he/she may end up buying more than those item he had inquired. That way, you will most likely increase your sales unlike your competitor who does not have online website presence.

To get a website, it doesnt have to be so costly infact, we recommend you start with a cheap but a very reliable webhost service provider who also provides easy to use web editing tools and great customer support.  We recommend IPage Webhost. and the reason is , they provide low cost web hosting service at relatively very low price yet delivers great features like unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, lightning fast speeds and very friendly and supportive customer service. The up-time is more than 99.9  and when you contact them , they respond very fast. Most issues are resolved in a matter of minutes thanks to their large customer support who  are currently in excess of 800 and spread around the globe.

Their shared unix platform costs US$ 1.99 per month and comes with a 30 days no question money back guarantee just incase you are unhappy with their service.

As, a new customer at Ipage, you get more than US$200 free advertising credits which are redeemable in leading ad platforms like in Google, Bing and etc. This helps you to get your site infront of you pontetial customers more quickly as opposed to those who buy hosting services with other webhost who do not provide such ad credits. You also get one free domain for life and free ssl certificate for securing your site.

Lounge your site now by creating your website and claim your advetising credits, start advertising online and boost your business.

Ipage webhosting (US $ 1.99 p.m)



Blue Host is another industry leading webhost based in the US and with data centeres spread across the globe, it is trusted by more than 2 million website owners worldwide due to its flexibility, reliability and friendly customer care.  It provides a 24/7 customer support, one free domain for life and ssl Certificate. Pricing at Bluehost starts as from US3.95 per month for a shared basic plan that provides you with 50GB of Solid State Disik (SSD) storage disk. Unlimited disk space hosting begins at US$ 5.95 per month.

New customers at Blue Host get Free ad credits of US$200 only if they sign up for a plus plan or a choice plan that costs US$ 5.95 per month.

BlueHost webhosting (US$ 3.95 p.m)



Kenya Web Expert this is based in Kenya,  trusted by more than 50 ooo website owners from 50+ countries. It provides excellent service at a much lower cost than most international webhosts. their pricing begins from Ksh.2100 for a shared hosting platform that comes with 30GB hosting spaceand  a bandwidht of 300GB which makes this a suitable host for a small website of low traffic. scaling is possible from basic plan , standard plan, Bronze and Gold plans with Gold plan costing Kshs. 14,100 per year. The Gold plan is tailored to handle unlimited disk space and bandwidht. Unlike Ipage and Blue Host, This webhost do not provide free advertising credits and free domain. We recommend it for its low cost and nice customer support that is available 24/7.

Kenya Web Expert (Kshs. 2100 p.a)


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