A wardrobe  is a must have organizer tool in the bedroom or just somewhere in the house for easy and proper storage and organization of clothing. The best wardrobe is one that fits the user’s needs in terms of size, color, material and general design. While some houses have wardrobes permanently fixed   portable wardrobes are an option for homes that do not have fixed or permanent wardrobes.

The big advantage of a portable wardrobes is that they can be moved from one place to another. Besides that, the user has an option to change it over time to meet his or her changing needs. There are many brands that comes in different sizes, shapes, colors and looks. You need to choose the one that fits your budget and taste. Find below a collection of low cost durable wardrobes.


Generic Portable wardrobe 3 column-maroon


Generic Portable wardrobe 3 column-maroon

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This wardrop has a nice look and is durable. It weighs 8.0Kgs and has an interior space of 157*142.5*43  inches the main material of the wardrop is canvas.


Generic Portable wardrobe

Generic Portable wardrobe – 2column

Key Features
  • ·         Spacious
  • ·         Durable
  • ·         Portable
  • ·         convenient

This is another spacious wardrobe to make any bedroom look better and organised. it Weights 15 Kgs and main material is wood. It is ideal for master bedroom or guestrooms.

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