Reading books is a must if you need that social economic, and personal growth in whichever field you are in. The best practice demand that you learn from successful people, assess your situations and work to employ learnt skills in your situation. Whether in business, work place or any other place, there are books relevant to you. Just make some little effort of finding them and not only reading them but also using the skills being thought to better your self and those around you.

We have made a pick of some of the best selling books in the field of Business and entrepreneurship, real life stories of successful people, collection of entertaining journals and magazines. In addition to the books in the shelves, you may find a collection of other relevant free books which may be availed from time to time.


Business and entrepreneurship 


Queenex Books The Art of Entrepreneurship : Strategies to Succeed in a Competitive Market

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Key Features:
  • Author Murori Kiunga
  • Publisher Queenex Publishers
  • Genre Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Year of Publication 2013
  • No. of Pages 280

Book Summary and Description:

Establishing a successful business requires more than capital, products to sell and determination to make money. It requires certain universal attributes and strategies that have been perfected by successive entrepreneurs over the years. Business authors and experts have gathered and demystified the information culminating into a solid body of knowledge that you can use to start or steer your existing business to greater heights. The Art of Entrepreneurship: Strategies to Succeed in a Competitive Market captures this solid body of knowledge in an easy-to-understand language spiced with real-life examples.

Learn how to:
Assess yourself to find out whether entrepreneurship is right for you.
Choose the right business and business model that suits you.
Identify and capitalize on potential business ideas.
Successfully start and maintain your business.
Stay ahead of your competitors by leveraging on knowledge & technology.
Eliminate unnecessary costs and expenses that plagues most firms.
Use affordable and effective ways of marketing & selling your products.
Think big, start small & put your whole heart into business.
Avoid common business mistakes that lead to failure

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Queenex Books Excelling In Business:The Entrepreneur’s Handbook

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Key Features
  • Author Rukunga Ncebere
  • Publisher Queenex Publishers
  • Genre Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Year of Publication 2013
  • No. of Pages 280

Book Summary and Description

Excelling in Business is a step by step guide into a better business management. The author shows how business can be started successfully by avoiding the pitfalls that cause early business failure. He convincingly argues that business management need not to be stressful, after all.

He has used rich illustration cases to show how modern business can be management in a better, easier, faster, cheaper, more innovative and competitive way. The illustration cases are on prominent global entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, successful companies and the background information needed by entrepreneurs in today’s Information Age.

Most of these cases are from developed countries from whom we have something to learn. The handbook shows that by using modern management skills, running a business can be enjoyable, exciting and even fun.

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Free E Books

In today’s society of free information sharing, there is no reason as to why you can’t get that much needed information for free, just in case you love reading books, there are many free e-books available for you to download and read depending on your interest, here are some of the most read e-books that we felt you must not be left behind. Download it and read it, if you may be interested with an e-book in a specific category, feel free to whatsapp or use messenger using the contact us button  and we will check it out for you.


The Other Side of Love

Key Features:

  • Author: Magali Ortis
  • Pages: 172
  • Format: PDF

Book Description: 

Love is perhaps the biggest thing that brings and keeps us together, united and strong, but what happens when the unexpected occur? find out the  struggle to find the other side of love.

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In a Moment


Key Features:

  • Author: Sarah Geredes
  • Pages:  293
  • Format: pdf
  • Published 2018


When your business is successful, your marriage is thriving, your live is admirable, You will have may friends and some will envy you with some fake love but wait, What happens when the unthinkable happens that leaves you with scars, broken bones and shuttered finances? Read the story of  Lindy Gordon, a very successful entrepreneur with flourishing public relations firm in  San Francisca whose life was suddenly changed when she got an accident that left her broken. She learn and had to work to save  her friendship, family ties and those that would truly love her.

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