Best Low Cost Solar Pump

Are you troubled by water shortage every now and again? A deep well or bore hole with constant water supply can just be a nice solution. If you have the well already, it is time to cut all the risks and bills associated with open wells within a compound. Nobody wants to hear incidences like a baby was crawling near an open well and fell into it.

Use a solar pump to draw water from a deep well to a tank located at higher level from where it can flow freely by gravity to your house or garden.  Once you have connected your solar pump, you only need a pipe out of the well this means you can then safely cover your well using concrete or otherwise. this in turn increases safety within your compound while freely enjoying the underground water at no recurring water bills or power bills from electric pumps.

There are many solar water pumps that comes with different designs and functioning capabilities. when choosing solar water pump, you may need to consider the following:

  1. Pumping capacity- This is the amount of water that the pump can lift per hour when it is working at its optimal conditions. This capacity varies from one pump to another and it depends on your water requirements.
  2. Solar power requirements- This is the amount of input solar power. it varies depending on pumping capacity. usually, smaller with pumping capacity of less 2000 liters per hour will require 12V, 24V and 36v while larger capacity solar pumps will require 48 or 60V. solar input power.
  3. Material- Solar water pumps are mostly submersive pumps meaning they will always be below the water level to work effectively, check on the material the pump is made of, best material should be either stainless steel or plastic.
  4. Maximum Depth- These solar powered water pumps can pump water up to different depth e.g 20m (60fts), 40m (120fts) all the way to 80m (240fts). you may need to consider the depth of your well before deciding the maximum depth that should be support. the bigger the supported depth the more powerful a pump is hence the cost increases too.

Here is the best low cost solar water pump for garden activities or irrigation.

Generic DC Solar Water Pump (20m/60fts)

Key Features:

  • Current DC    –    12v/8Amps
  • Solar Panel –   200-300watts
  • Water flow rate –      1500L/Hr
  • Average  10,000 Litres per day
  • Maximum Pull depth – 20M (60ft)

With capability of drawing 10 000 litres of water from a well per day, we recommend this pump for its heavy duty and low cost. If your well isn’t so deep, i.e not more than 60fts, then this is the pump to buy.

   Kshs. 18,999 Buy Now From Jumia    Compare Prices


Generic DC Solar Water Pump (40m/120fts)


Generic Solar Water Pump 40M Deep Well Solar Power Submersible Pump Steel Machine 24V High precision, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Kshs. 29,645 Buy Now From Jumia 

Key Features:

  •  Built-in MPPT controller to make full use of solar energy.
  • Wide working voltage: 18v-45v, the best working voltage is about 36v.
  • The water pump can connect directly to the solar panel in the sunlight without connecting  to the battery.
  • Suitable for hand mining, agriculture, construction, aquaculture and high-rise water supply and more.
  • Overvoltage Protection / Undervoltage Protection:
  • The pump automatically stops working when the voltage is too high or too low; Then every 10 minutes, when the voltage is restored to 18v-45v, the pump starts automatically and starts again

This is a very popular solar water pump partly due to its ability to pump more water and to a much greater vertical height of 40M/120fts and partly due to its price which on our opinion is worth the work it does. Owing to its advantage of having a wide range of working voltage and automatic over voltage and under-voltage cut, you will no longer have to worry on having and maintaining a battery. This pump works well with or without a battery. The pump can deliver water at a rate of 2000 litres per hour with a maximum delivery of 3000 litres per hour. With this performance, you will not miss water in your tank even if the sunshine duration is short depending on your water requirement. Check out and order for this pump.Its an ideal pump for supplying  water from a deep well for agriculture e.g in greenhouses, residential or any other commercial purpose.

Kshs. 29,645 Buy Now From Jumia   Compare Prices Of Solar Water Pumps