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With so many local and international airlines in operation, choosing an airline can be a challenging task to many. The good thing is that, you can now check all available airlines operating in your preferred route and compare their prices. Once you find your preferred airline, you can book a ticket online and enjoy the best selection of low cost flights.

The  most Popular airlines are shown below. Note that in the same route, these airlines will have different prices and offers. Use the Jumia travel tool to easily find and compare prices of available airlines  and also book your flight.

Kenya Airways
Air Peace Limited
Fly Emirates
Rwand air Express
Precision Air
Ethiopian Airlines
Five Fourty Aviation
Africa World Airlines
Air Burkina
Air Namibia
British Airways
Air France

Just enter your travel from, travel to, and date of travel to check the best low priced airline.

Compare Prices & Book a Cheap Flight

Find and Book the Best Low Priced Hotels

Are you planning for the next vacation or tour or work trip? Booking you hotel early can save you from a lot of last minute rush and inconveniences. You will also be able to compare prices and get the best possible deals at relatively lower prices.

If you are traveling to top destinations in east Africa, using  travel assistant like Jumia travel can turn you travel experience to a great fun. All can be accomplished at one place i.e price and features comparison of hotels, prices comparison and booking of flights and cab then the good part t it is that you can choose to pay for your bookings in advance or make payment on arrival at your destination.

We recommend you book your hotel online but make payments once you actually arrive at the hotel.This will helps you put possible online fraudsters and misleading adverts at bay since you will be paying what you are seeing.

Check out for any available offers and discounts that may be available  to your case, they can just reduce your expenditure budget significantly yet you get the same service.

Make your to do list  and checklist  on time with a complete of items you will need throughout the vacation it may help you  not to forget some of the most crucial items like forgetting your favorite towel or toothbrush.

If you are not conversant to the spoken language of your place of destination, you may find it necessary to find and book a translator well in advance. this will save you from frustrations that come with language barriers.

To book your Hotel, search for one whose features meet your needs at your preferred destination.


Find and Book a Low cost Hotel Room.