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UKA 32 inch TV

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UKA 40'' Full HD Digital TV

UKA 40'' Full HD Digital TV

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HORION 43" LED M200 HD Digital TV

Best Low Cost LED Televisions

Flat screen LED (Light Emitting Diodes ) televisions are very popular nowadays  thanks to their many advantages like, they consume very little power. Most often, these TVs can comfortably be operated by solar panels systems with some having ready made d.c ports. In case the selected TV is missing the d.c port, then a solar battery and an inverter can do just fine. They  are low priced compared to all other types of tvs like Smart Tvs, Curved tvs and plasma tvs. Their low cost technologies enables large LED screens to be manufactured at a minimal possible cost hence their prices are relatively the lowest in the market compared to other screens of their size. Besides these, most of them give clearer image as opposed to other television technologies

When buying  LED tvs, you may be interested to checkout for extra  features such as USB port just in case you would prefer to connect your  TV to other devises that can be connected via USB e.g Flash disks and external hard discs etc, VGA / HDMI port in case you might need to connect it to other devises like projectors and computers. Audio output system to connect your TV to other sound systems e.g home theater systems or sub woofer systems or just any other external speakers for enhanced sound quality.

The LED display screen size varies, you will need to choose your most preferred screen size  depending on your needs and the size of your budget. Most often larger screens are not only prestigious but also preferred for their picture effect that produces large TV images giving them a near real effect. Due to this advantage, cost of larger LED screens becomes higher too. Even though so, there are many smaller sized screens which are low priced e.g  The 17" Inch Flat screen Digital LED TV whch is as  from Kshs. 5,350/=

We have compared many features and selected the best  low priced LED televisions that have great features for relatively less cost that you may consider when buying a LED Tv. Here are our recommended Low Priced LED TVs.

Best Low Priced 17 inch LED Digital Television

Looking for a digital television for as low as Kshs 5,350? then 17 inch digital LED TV is an option for you to check out for.

Vitron YH-LD19S1-19

(Best User Rated Low Cost 17" Digital LED TV)

Vitron TV

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Vitron YH-LD19S1-19" - Digital LED TV-Black

Key Features:
  • 17" Digital DVB - T2 HE
  • 2 x 1 AV INPUT
  • 1 USB
  • Screen Size 17"

For as little as 5,499 you can buy a 17 inch digital led TV, This tv is ideal for anyone who don't want to miss what digital TV life has to over yet not having to break into the bank account to acquire one.

Its FHD (Full High Definition) picture resolutions  produces quality pictures that are clear, it has one USB port where external disks like flash disks can be connected to play digital content like movies, musics etc. The HDMI input enables the tv to be connected to other HDMI enabled devises like projectors and computers for enhanced performance. It uses really low power making it ideal for use with solar systems especially where the grid power is yet to be installed.

We recommend this low cost digital tv for its good performance.  nearly all users who used this tv rated it above 4/5  check out the user review

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Best Low Priced 24 inch LED Digital Television

HAIER Looka 24" LED HD Digital TV
Key Features
  • Brand:Syinix
  • Display Size:24 Inch Screen
  • Display Type:HD Ready
  • DVB - T2 Digital Broadcasting
  • PVR Recording

24" inch TVs are popular in many households due to their size which is neither too small nor too big, they easily and perfectly fit in most places e.g in buses, small and large sized rooms etc. They are cheaper than some of screen sizes under 24 inches for example some 19" LED tv cost 14K while some  24"  cost 10K. This may partly be due to their popularity hence they take the advantage of scale hence are relatively cheaper at their class. Here is a collection of best priced 24" flat screen LED TVs

Kshs. 9,499 Buy Now From Jumia  More 24" Inch Digital LED TV

If you find that the tv is out of stock, you may click here for  similar 17 inch TVs or whasapp to inquire. Just click here to whatsapp.

Best Low Priced 32 inch LED Digital Television

Kshs. 12,999 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features:


Kshs. 15,999 Buy Now From Jumia  More 32" Inch Digital LED TV

Key Features:

  • Screen Size: 32 Inches;
  •  LED Display Technology:
  • PVR Recording;
  • Digital Broadcasting ( DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 )
  • USB & HDMI Connectity;
  • Resolution: HD Ready; 720p

32 inch LED TVs re most popular among shoppers owing to their descent look and their low cost for great features. These TVs can be purchased as from Ksh.12,000 depending on the offers available. This Konka TV supports many digtal broadcasting signal i.e Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial Generation 1 and 2, Digital Video Broadcasting Cable and satellite generation 1 and 2 ( DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 ) This makes it a plug and play TV, you will no longer be needed to be keen on the kind of broadcasting technology in you area, since they are all covered by this TV. A simple terrestrial aerial will just do fine due to its ability to readily accept a wide range of digital broadcaster signals.It does not require extra set boxes.

The screen resolution is high ( 1366*768) Pixels enabling it to produce high quality pictures without compromises making it a HD ready. Using the HDMI cable, you can connect this TV with other gadgets like projectors or computers,

If you love playing movies stored in Flash disks and other external memories, the USB port provides the perfect option of directly plugging your disc to the TV and you will be enjoying your viewership.

The TV comes with powerful inbuilt speaker, this means you will not be forced to start connecting it to external speakers for proper audibility. However, the audio port provides means of connecting the TV to external sound systems like Home theater or sub woofers for enhanced sound quality.

The TV uses low power of less 65 watts and less 0.5 on stand by. this ensures that you are not left with excess power bills to pay after watching your favorite movies all day. We recommend Konka Digital LED TV as the best low priced TV. Grab your TV set Now.

  Kshs. 15,999 Buy Now From Jumia  More 32" Inch Digital LED TV

Key Features:
  • Display Technology: LED HD Ready
  • Display Screen Size: 32 Inches
  • Audio: Dolby Digital
  • Tuner/Broadcasting:DVB- T2
  • Features: Narrow Frame

Bruhm Digital LED TV also has proofed to be very popular yet low priced. Most customers who bought this TV gave it a positive review of more than 4/5 meaning it delivers exactly what it is supposed to. Consider this TV if your need great performance at really low cost.

Kshs. 15,999 Buy Now From Jumia   More 32" Inch Digital LED TV

Best Low Cost 40 inch LED Digital Television

Kshs. 22,899 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features:
  • Sharp Panel
  • Ports: USB, HDMI (2)
  • USB port - Enjoy photos, music, and video right on the screen
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Automatic Volume Leveller (AVL)
  • Manufactured by Haier (See details below)

Kshs. 22,899 Buy Now From Jumia  More 40" Inch Digital LED TV

Best Low Cost 43 inch LED Digital Television

Mooka Haier UKA 43'' - FHD - Digital TV

Kshs. 23,999 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • 43 Inch TV
  • Ports: USB, HDMI (2)
  • USB port - Enjoy photos, music, and video right on the screen
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Automatic Volume Leveller (AVL)
  • Manufactured by Haier (See details below)

If you are looking for a large screen that looks descent and attractive without burning your hard earned cash, the Mooka Haier UKA 43'' - FHD - Digital TV  is  the TV to check out for.

It has a large sized stable  ips screen of 43 inches measured diagonally, this kind of screen will perfectly fit in your living room producing large images that creates a feeling of 'near real' effect. The image quality is fully enhanced using unique picture enhancement technology to provide a perfect experience while watching this screen. See below how pictures are enhanced

The Mooka Haier UKA 43'' - FHD - Digital TV uses less power, it uses the bipolar drive technology that greatly reduces the back light power consumption. At standby mode, the power used is less 0.5W this makes it a great product that doesn't leave behind excess power bills after you are done watching your favorite programs.

The sound system of this TV is also enhanced for quality sound production and noise reduction through its DNR (Digital Noise Reduction). The in-built DNR system optimizes sound production at each pixel level.

The automatic volume leveler automatically protect you from sudden volume changes that commonly occur when you change from one station to another or even during commercial breaks. This means you will always receive consistent volume level that you tuned.

It has a USB and HDMI ports for connectivity to external storage or processor devises. You can directly play games and movies easily by plugging  your flash disc or memory card  directly to  the TV through its USB port. If you need an even larger output display, you can connect screen to projectors or even to your computer or laptop via HDMI port, this way, you can turn your TV to be a large monitor of your computer or laptop.

Lastly, Mooka TV has many after sale service centers in Kenya in the following locations: Nairobi (2 centers), Kisumu, Meru, Nyeri, Mombasa, Thika, Nakuru and  Eldoret. This means you can easily find the service center near you in case of any performance issues or damage. You are always protected against manufacturer's defects by a 2 year warranty with free return within seven days. It is the best low cost TV of its kind this season.

For a price of 24 999, this offer may not be guaranteed for a long time owing to its current demand. You need to buy your set now while the stock last.

Kshs. 23,999 Buy Now From Jumia    More 40" Inch Digital LED TV


UKA 50 inch smart TV

UKA 50" - UHD SMART TV - Haier Manufacturer - Black

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