After purchasing your best TV, you will need some of these accessories for best viewership experience,

Wall Mount TV Bracket

This device helps you to fix your TV on the wall, they come in different shapes and sizes. the most ideal wall mount bracket should be accommodating more Television sizes for instance you can buy one wall bracket that can accommodate TV s of various sizes. this way, you will not have to buy more wall brackets in near future should you need to upgrade or downgrade your tv to one of a different size.  The alternative to a wall mount bracket is getting TV stand. A TV stand often costs more than a TV Bracket so if you are cost sensitive, we recommend you go for a wall bracket. Another advantage of a wall bracket over a TV stand is that you can determine the height at which to fix your TV usually at a level higher than where a child can easily reach. This prevents your child from reaching out to your TV of course we all know what young children can potentially do should they take charge of such delicate appliances as TVs.

Generic 14” – 42” TV Wall Mount Bracket

Kshs. 499 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features
  • >Fits Flat Panel TVs 14-32.
  • >For Indoor/Outdoor use.
  • >UL Listed/Approved.
  • >Built-in Bubble Level & all Hardware included.
  • >Extension Arms.
  • >Mounts to Wood, Concrete or Metal.

This generic 14″ – 42″ wall mount bracket is most ideal for fixing your TV onto the wall, It can accommodate a range of TV sizes from 14 inch to 42 inch and can fix well to concrete, wooden or metallic places or walls. It is also capable of tilting up to 15 degrees enabling you to adjust your screen to the best angle for best viewership experience.

Kshs. 499 Buy Now From Jumia   Compare Prices


Free To Air Aerials

GOtv Digital TV Aerial – Multicolor

Key Features
  • Digital antenna
  • strong signal
  •  coaxial cable

This aerial gives you an automatic plug and play access to all free to air digital channels available. You will need not to have a TV box to watch your favorite programs on common free to air channels. If you may just want more than is available at free to air options, then you have an option of subscribing to GO TV or other pay TV Channels.


Free To air Combo TV Box

Generic Digital TV Combo Box with Vga HDMI & Av – DVB – T2 – Grey

Kshs. 2,895 Buy Now From Jumia

Key Features:
  • Free To Air (FTA)
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Variety of channels
  • Usb input
  • Vga output
  • HDMI Output

This Combo TV box will enable you to connect your analog TV to all available free to air digital TV and Radio channels with the clarity that is unparalleled. Using the devise, you can easily turn your laptop or desktop computer to a TV by simply connecting it via USB or HDMI or Rci cables i.e like those used for audio output. It is a great product and we recommend it to anyone who needs a set box to access digital broadcasting at a low price.

Kshs. 2,895 Buy Now From Jumia  Compare Prices